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Hoxhaj: MacShane’s book a public call in support of European Kosovo

London, 19 October 2011 – The Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Kosovo, Enver Hoxhaj, has participated in the inauguration of a book written by Former British Minister for Europe Denis MacShane titled “Why Kosovo Still Matters”.

Talking about the book, Minister Hoxhaj highly acknowledged the unique skill of Denis MacShane to describe various situations in Kosovo. “I see the book as an open call to politicians to continue their engagement in support of the European Kosovo and the Balkans,” said Hoxhaj.

Minister Hoxhaj thanked MacShane for his support in consolidating the state of the Republic of Kosovo. “Denis, this book has been written at a decisive time for Kosovo and also for the Balkans. In 1991, when the dissolution of former Yugoslavia started, Kosovars had three dreams: freedom, peace and independence. Twenty years later, we are now gathered in this great house of democracy and Kosovo is independent, free and peaceful. The 2011 will enter the history as the year of the European Kosovo. The key aspiration we have today is European integration and joining of the big family of nations,” said Hoxhaj addressing the audience of many diplomats, parliamentarians and journalists participating in the inauguration. 

Hoxhaj said that Dr. MacShane is one of the committed friends of Balkans who has called for the integration of Kosovo and the Western Balkans in the European Union. 

“The journey of Kosovo will be completed only when the five EU member states join the rest of the European Union member states in recognizing the independence of Kosovo. The British support in attaining a unified EU policy on Kosovo is crucial. After the strong ICJ verdict stating that the independence of Kosovo is lawful, we do not see any reason why these countries should not accept the will of the people of Kosovo,” added Hoxhaj.

During his address, Minister Hoxhaj also said that Serbia must stop behaving like a dominating nation in the Balkans. “It is high time that Serbia stopped its policy of endless contradictions,” Hoxhaj said further. 

In his book, MacShane unfolds the horrible events that led to the dissolution of Yugoslavia, interethnic hatred, etc. 

While on 20 October, Minister Hoxhaj will be hosted by the Minister of Foreign Affairs of United Kingdom, William Hague.

In this meeting, there will be discussions on ways how to advance diplomatic relations between the two states and economic cooperation. Minister Hoxhaj will also ask for the support of United Kingdom in facilitating the European journey of Kosovo and in increasing the number of recognitions.